Here’s How You Turn the Yield Curve Inversion into Fast Profits

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Everyone is talking “recession” since the yield curve inversion last week – but that’s not exactly right.

An inverted yield curve isn’t always a bad thing for stocks. Typically in the month following this event, the market rises an average 1.5%. In the year after – 12%. So we’re not running out of stocks right now.

Instead, we’ve found the best way to trade a rebound in a stock that got hit by the yield curve panic.

As our Fast Profits guest D.R. Barton, Jr., will show you, you can turn a stock’s “pop” higher into a 100% gain when you know the right option to use.

The last time he gave us a trade like this, it delivered 60% in just two days. Another returned 478%.

Here’s D.R. with this week’s Fast Profits recommendation.

No More Waiting: Here’s Your Chance to Hit $1,000,000 in 2019

You just heard from D.R. on the post–yield curve inversion trade to make today. Here are the trade instructions:

Buy JPM April 18, 2019 $102 calls (JPM190418C00102000). Buy up to $1.20. Set up a stop loss to sell if options lose 55% of their value on a closing basis.

D.R.’s Fast Profits recommendations have done exceptionally well. His last 12 winning Fast Profits trades have yielded total peak gains of 1,179.75%.

But you only get D.R.’s recommendations once a month, or less, with Fast Profits. Now you can get even more chances to make money with D.R. – big money – like potentially a $185,253 profit in the next eight days…

In fact, once you know how to use it (which he’ll walk you through), you have the chance to turn a small stake into $1,000,000 or more in as little as 11 weeks.

Even better, you don’t need any special training… any insider knowledge of the markets… or any exceptional skills to make it work for you.

Thousands of people have already put this strategy to work.

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A Message to You from D.R. Barton, Jr.

Hi, D.R. here.

As you just heard in my video above, there’s nothing I love more than making money when a stock pops higher. And I love being able to turn a small stock gain into a big profit for you.

There’s a secret to how I find these potentially lucrative trades…

In fact, I’ve found a way to do it in just MINUTES.

First, I spend hours scouring the market to identify these nearly invisible, “extreme” stock trends.

Then, I use my battle-tested technical trading program to analyze those extremes so I can tell my readers when I believe stock prices have been stretched too far. (Click here to learn how to get on my list.)

This system may be advanced, but it’s not just for the professionals. In fact, anyone can use my approach to potentially create big profit “paychecks” almost every month for just a few minutes of work.

The best part is that it works in any market – bull, bear, or sideways – because you can profit from extremes in either direction.

And I can’t wait to share it with you so you can identify these plays for yourself.

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