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Syria Crisis Doesn’t Affect Bristol-Myers and AMZN

No, I don’t mean to ignore Syria. I will not forget what President Trump might say to Russia, especially when I think he wrongly said it was the worst, even during the Cold War. Perhaps he is not familiar with the Cuban missile crisis. But the fact is, “By Myers (BMY) Theorem” – such as: “What is the relationship between Syria and Bristol Myers’s price income multiple?” – There is a lot to play here.

If you can’t find any kind of discount on stocks that lack common points with Russians, what will happen? Fundamentals prevail – Now that the fundamentals on the eve of the earnings season look pretty good.

Syria Crisis Doesn't Affect Bristol-Myers (It Could Help Amazon): Cramer Insider
For example, oil stocks – an unpopular sector – eventually reacted to and heightened tensions in the Middle East. I don’t believe this is long-term, but for a transaction, it looks very delicious. My Action Alert The California Club Charity Trust continues to adhere to Cimarex (XEC) before our monthly club conference call on Thursday. After all, the stock price fell so much that it was completely out of sync with the stock market.

The so-called “cloud king” is also entirely available here. However, I think that drug stocks are being integrated after they have improved.

But do you want to know what I think can be loudest here? Action Alert blesses Amazon (AMZN).

You have a president who focuses on Russia and the so-called “false news” report. This means that he may not have the bandwidth to attack Amazon for a while – this means that the stock that is at a critical technology level may actually take off.

What about Facebook (FB)? I think CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s Capitol Hill testimony is going well, but we never got what I wanted – a true external investigator reporting to the Facebook board. This person can see that the company is truly following its own rules and digging out any past violations that should be radiant.

Is FB A Best Stocks To Buy For 2018?

Facebook (FB) shares rebounded by about 0.5% on Monday, but as investors punished the social media company for its role in the data scandal, the share price of the stock has fallen by more than 14% in the past week, which triggered serious problems with user information and Personal privacy is safe on the Internet.

After a number of media reports exposed an incident involving Cambridge Analytical, a political consulting firm associated with Robert Mercer, Steve Bannon, and President Trump, Facebook’s stock price was hit hard. The company improperly accessed data for up to 87 million Facebook users.

When Mark Zuckerberg testified before the parliament on Tuesday, Facebook would feel the kind of regulatory pressure that would become more apparent from the scandal, and investors first tried what the CEO would say after releasing his prepared comments today.

“It is now clear that we have not done enough to prevent these tools from being used for injuries. This is false news, foreign interference in elections, hate speech, and developer and data privacy,” Zuckerberg wrote in the commentary. “We did not make enough general observations about our responsibilities. This is a big mistake. It was my fault. I am very sorry. I started to create Facebook, I run it, and I am responsible for what happened here.”

Facebook also reminded investors that it plans to increase manpower to solve data security problems, although Zuckerberg recently mentioned that his company needs three years to solve the current problems.

At the same time, Facebook stated that it will support the Honest Ads Act, a proposed rule modification that will apply the same rules to ads on social media, such as the rules currently applied to television, printing and broadcasting, and reduce it with Information shared by data brokers.

But with all sorts of uncertainties still imminent, Facebook is temporarily at risk. Has the stock’s recent sell-offs put its valuation within a value area, which will exceed this risk? Let us take a closer look.


Facebook is currently trading at an unprecedented 12-month maximum revenue. It also showed significant discounts compared to Internet giants including Alphabet (GOOGL), Baidu (BIDU) and Liberty Expedia Holdings.

Other companies in the Internet sector, especially Alphabet, will face the same regulatory review, threatening Facebook, because data privacy has become the focus of our country’s attention. However, this spotlight has now been firmly planted on Facebook. Although stocks are traded at a discount, investors must seriously consider whether the selling price is worth the risk.


Facebook is preparing to become one of the strongest tech stocks in 2018. Until a few weeks ago, the mood of analysts remained very strong. In fact, FB spent 13 weeks and this year is Zacks ranked first (strong buy) or second (buy).

However, this snapshot has changed in recent weeks. In the past seven days, the company currently makes two downward corrections to its current year earnings per share forecast and 2019 earnings per share forecast. Negative corrections have dragged the stock to Zacks Rank #3 (Hold).

Although the validated Zacks Rank system did not scream for investors to sell shares, investors who have just touched the surface of this data privacy issue may find that the recent activity has confirmed that it can avoid Facebook.